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The Onyx Collection: Our Go-To Source For Shower Installations

Here at NexGen Baths, we have extensively researched the market and worked with many other materials and The Onyx Collection truly takes the cake in both categories.

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a poured resin, similar to solid surface, and can be made to fit any dimension and configuration you would need. The extensive options of colors, textures, trim and accessories give customers the opportunity to customize their selections and make the space exactly how they envision. The material is extremely durable, very easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Benefits of Implementing The Onyx Collection

1. Durability

The Onyx Collection is one of the most durable materials offered for bathroom design, incorporating ingredients different than all other manufacturers. The Onyx Collection is very similar to other solid surfaces, having a similar build to roofing materials on houses. Due to the enhanced durability of this product and the ability to make it look like and feel like stone, it's the perfect product to use for a bathroom remodel.

2. Lifetime Warranty

At The Onyx Collection, if their product ever fails you, comes damaged or is unsatisfactory, you can count on getting a full refund or a new item to replace it. This is a huge reason why The Onyx Collection is so reliable. Their dedication to ensuring the best products possible is unmatched!

3. Low Maintenance

A special feature about The Onyx Collection is the low maintenance of the products. As a homeowner looking to deep-clean their bathroom, you can use any household cleaner on the products as long as it is not abrasive.

The non-porous surfaces of The Onyx Collection make it stain resistance. Don't worry if you spills something on it!

There are many benefits to going in The Onyx Collection route for your bathroom upgrade or new product installation. With a lifetime warranty, extremem durability and low maintenance, there aren't many cons to this product as a whole.

Here at NexGen Baths, we pride ourselves in the sustainable and durable products we use. Contact us today for your bathroom projects!

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