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Success Story: Complete Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Each week, we have a range of clients coming to us looking for bathroom updates, tub to shower conversions and so much more. We take pride in knowing that with each project, our entire team is doing their best job to satisfy customer needs and wants. Take a read into one of our recent client success stories!

NexGen Baths had a client that came to us looking for ways to update her bathroom, the only one in the house. It was original to the home and had an old fiberglass tub and shower combination. The client wanted to convert it to a shower to eliminate the trip hazard of a tub, as she no longer used the tub herself. She had no plans to leave the home so decided to transform it into a space that better suits her wants and needs.

The entire bathroom was dated, with pink square tile on all walls and a small vanity that lacked storage. With it being the only bathroom in the house, she needed a renovation that wasn’t going to leave her without a bathroom to use for a long period of time.

In just four days, we were able to fully transform her space from start to finish. This transformation included converting the tub to a walk in shower with a glass door, new vanity and added toilet cabinet to increase storage space, new drywall and paint, new toilet, LVT flooring, a fresh mirror and new lighting. Converting to a shower also left extra space that we were able to utilize for built in shelving, adding extra storage to this rather small area. Bringing the shower walls up to the ceiling gave the look of a bigger space without actually making it bigger. The shower was also equipped with a shampoo niche, seat and grab bar.

This renovation was truly life changing for our client, as she now has a space that is not only beautiful, but is safer and more functional for years to come.

Check out these after photos; you can hardly recognize it is the same space!

Next Steps With NexGen Baths

A bathroom is one of the most important statement pieces within a home and we want to be there with you every step of the way. We offer a range of services from tub to shower conversions for enhanced safety, lavatory replacements to better fit your style and so much more.

Our goal is to ensure that your journey with NexGen Baths is a pleasant and effortless one. It all begins with an in-home consultation, where we take the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your preferences and requirements for your bathroom.

During this consultation, we engage in detailed discussions about design possibilities and tailor-made options. Our aim is to guide you seamlessly and enthusiastically through the process of selecting colors, textures, finishes, and accessories, without overwhelming you. Subsequently, we turn your ideas and vision into reality through our diligent efforts.

We work with precision and efficiency, committed to creating a bathroom that will provide you with years of enjoyment.

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