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The NexGen Baths Advantage: Why Opt for a Bathtub Replacement Over Liners

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

When it comes to transforming your bathroom, balancing budget constraints and long-term value is crucial. While bathtub liners may seem like an economical solution, NexGen Baths, your premier bath remodel solution in Central Iowa, believes that opting for a full bathtub replacement can offer numerous benefits that outweigh the drawbacks of liners. In this article, we explore the reasons why replacing your bathtub is a superior choice for a lasting and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

Reasons to Choose a Bathtub Replacement Over Liners:

1. Tub Liners Can Harbor Mold:

Bathtub liners, though initially offering a fresh appearance, pose the risk of harboring mold over time. As caulking and glue deteriorate, moisture can seep beneath the liner, creating a breeding ground for mold. NexGen Baths understands the health and structural concerns associated with mold growth, making a full replacement a cleaner and more hygienic solution.

2. Tub Liners Do Not Fix Water Damage:

Caulking failures can lead to more than just moisture issues; substantial water damage is a potential consequence. Water trapped beneath a tub liner can damage underlying materials, compromise adhesives, and escalate into a larger problem. NexGen Baths ensures a watertight installation with our bathtub replacements, preventing long-term water-related complications.

3. Full Bathtub Replacements Offer Long Lasting Aesthetic Value:

While liners may offer a quick improvement, they often lack the aesthetic appeal of today’s modern day tubs. NexGen Baths prioritizes not just functionality but also the visual appeal of your bathroom. Our bathtub replacements, featuring top-quality materials, ensure a luxurious and visually pleasing upgrade that adds value to your home, making it a more attractive option for potential buyers.

Professional Bathtub Installation by NexGen Baths:

NexGen Baths has emerged as a trusted name in bathroom remodeling in Iowa. Specializing in superior products like Kohler, our highly trained team ensures that your bathroom not only looks better than ever but also stands the test of time. Trust NexGen Baths for a professional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing bathtub replacement experience.

When considering the long-term impact on your bathroom, opting for a bathtub replacement with NexGen Baths proves to be a wise investment. Say goodbye to the drawbacks of liners and embrace a bathroom transformation that combines durability, aesthetics, and value. Contact NexGen Baths today for a free, no-obligation quote and let our dedicated team elevate your bathroom to new heights.

Here at NexGen Baths, we can do a full tub replacement for a fraction of the cost in comparison to many other bathroom contractors here in Central Iowa. Most contractors offer high prices and lengthy times to complete this job, but efficiency is at your fingertips with NexGen Baths!

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