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Creating an Accessible Bathroom

Creating an Accessible Bathroom

If you or a loved one has special requirements due to accessibility or you are considering aging in place, it’s important that your bathroom meets those needs. We've compiled a list of priority changes to create a functional, accessible bathroom. Fortunately, these simple changes can transform your bathroom into a beautiful space for everyone's needs.

Expanding Door Openings for an Accessible Bathroom

A good place to start is by expanding the door openings for seamless wheelchair access. This is a simple yet necessary change.


Converting the Tub into a Wheelchair-Friendly Shower


Removing the bathtub creates space for a walk-in, wheelchair friendly, shower area with customization options such as a ramp. Adding a bench seat at wheelchair height helps make seamless transfers. We highly recommend a shower base with texture instead of tile. This provides a safe, non-slick surface and helps prevents slips and falls.


Grab Bars


Maintaining independence is an essential component our quality of life. Incorporating grab bars at seated level both inside and outside of the shower adds a level of safety. Including grab bars in the toilet area is another safety and independence element. The grab bars serve as a helpful aid in preventing slips and falls.


Wheelchair Height Sink


Adjusting the sink height for wheelchair accessibility provides independence for all. Selecting a touch sensor faucet is another user friendly option. There are several other options to consider. Reach out to NexGen Baths to explore additional sink accessibility changes to fit your needs.


Integrate a Toilet with Seamless Transfer Accessibility


Some toilets are designed for effortless transfers from a wheelchair. Consider replacing your current toilet with one that provides easy access for you or your loved one with special needs. This simple change will greatly improve independence and accessibility, especially when paired with grab bars on both sides of the toilet.


Creating an accessible bathroom will enable you and your loved ones to continue living comfortably in your home as you age into your golden years. Give us a call at 515-344-4144 to discuss your bathroom needs today.


Are ready to take your bathroom to the NexLevel? Contact NexGen Baths at 515-344-4144 or Request a Quote to begin your bathroom transformation. Financing is available. Give us a call today!

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