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Small Bathroom Solutions Make a Big Impact

Small Bathroom Solutions - NexGen Baths

A small bathroom can seem crowded and lacking in space. Regardless of its size, you still need your bathroom to be functional and have ample storage for your needs.  There are some excellent ways you can make the most of your small space. If you are considering a small bathroom renovation the experts at NexGen Baths have provided great space-saving ideas for your small bathroom.

Sink Options to Save Space

  • A Wall Mounted Sink - A modern option that frees up square footage

  • A Floating Vanity - Exposes more floor space and makes the bathroom appear larger

  • A Corner Sink - Maximizes space by opening up the central area in the bathroom

Tub to Shower Conversion

Consider removing the tub in your small bathroom to create additional space. Opting for a shower instead can maximize the available floor space, taking up only half the room compared to a traditional bathtub.


By installing the shower in a corner, similar to the sink placement, you can efficiently utilize storage space. Positioning the shower flush against the wall eliminates any breaks, allowing for seamless storage solutions where the tub once stood.

Shower Options that Make a Big Impact

  • Glass Shower Door - instantly elevates the overall aesthetic of a small bathroom. The seamless design creates a sleek, clean look making the bathroom feel more spacious. Natural and artificial light flow freely throughout the shower space crating creating a brighter and more open space. This makes the bathroom feel larger and more welcoming.

  • Alternatives to swinging shower door - For small bathrooms, a shower stall with a swinging door can be quite a hassle as it requires extra space to open. This might mean constantly moving around storage units to accommodate. Instead, opt for a sliding door which not only saves space but also adds a sleek touch to your bathroom. Alternatively, you can ditch the door altogether and opt for a curtain rod with a shower curtain, keeping the front of the shower open and accessible.

  • Add shower niches - Keeps your shower space clutter-free and provides additional space to hold your everyday shower essentials.

Vanity with Premium Storage

Another idea for bathroom space savers include a vanity with ample storage. A vanity provides countertop space along with extra storage below. It remains hidden and can hold a great deal of your bathroom essentials. You can add drawer organizers to optimize your storage and organization.


  • Backlit Mirror - This is a chic and modern way to amplify light if you don't have room for sconces or want a more minimalistic look.

  • Dual Purpose Mirror -  Installing a cabinet mirror allows you to get all your small personal items off the counter or around the sink. A clutter-free bathroom counter makes your space feeling larger. Recessing a mirrored cabinet into the wall helps creates the feeling of more space while providing storage.


Don’t discount lighting. Natural light from a window can visually open a space but if natural light isn’t an option look for lighting fixtures that can add light from different angles.

Wall Mounted Faucet

Benefits of wall mounted faucets include freeing up counter space and providing a clean, uncluttered look. If counterspace is a premium and your water line is suitable, this is a good option. We recommended discussing with option with your bathroom contractor.

Towel Bar Alternatives

  • Relocating your towel bar to the side of your sink/vanity frees up wall space

  • Skip the towel bar and opt for a hook(s) instead

Are ready to take your bathroom to the NexLevel? Contact NexGen Baths at 515-344-4144 or Request a Quote to begin your bathroom transformation. Financing is available. Give us a call today!


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